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Passionate. Heartfelt. Original.

A New Era of Music has Risen.

Inspired by the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, "Anesti"

Risen from weakness to Power. Risen from dishonor to Glory. Risen from death to Life.

We hope that our music inspires a resurrection in you.

And with that being said, “Christ is Risen!”


About Anesti

Anesti Productions, rooted in the Coptic Orthodox faith, aspires to create songs with a unique sound. Driven by a love of music and a passion for Christianity, Anesti hopes to create a medium for listeners to learn about the Coptic Orthodox faith. Its vision foresees a bright future of composers, songwriters, vocalists, artists, and musicians all coming together to create something to truly boast about, our salvation.


About Very Early Sunday Morning

Very Early Sunday Morning is a special song to me. The oriental melody played slow or fast can still move you and of course the words are truly inspirational…but I only thought to compose it after watching the Passion of the Christ. I had such a triumphant feeling of victory, the last four seconds of the movie, where after all that suffering, and all that passion, He is Alive…and so I rushed home that night and the first thing I did was start the song Very Early Sunday Morning, and so it began. It originated in many versions, with the final version being released to you now, which is certainly my favorite…every verse has a special touch to it, focused on the words, with changes in articulations and even tempo. I had so much fun creating this track…I hope you enjoy it as much as I do…and Sarah’s voice, put the final touches on it. Who knows…maybe one day you’ll get to experience a live performance…I wish.

~ The Composer

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